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About Jean Gertrude Violet

J. G. Violet (also known as Jean Gertrude Violet) was named for 3 of the most influential women in my life, my maternal grandmother, my grand-aunt, and my paternal grandmother. They taught me many of the things I use in my professional and creative life today which include:

~ Believing that I can achieve any goals I set my mind and my heart to. ~
~ Taking pride in my work and only presenting work that exemplifies my best abilities. ~
~ Doing everything as if I were doing it for myself or my family. ~
~ Caring for my community and treating everyone with respect. ~

I started this work for my family and closest friends several year ago and decided to share my work with you. Each item in this shop is custom designed with the same care taken for gifts for my own family.


Independently owned. Based in Brooklyn, NY.





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