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Marble Surface

Custom Cookie Orders

*TWO (2) Dozen minimum order

All of our custom cookies are 3-4 inches in size and come in our signature vanilla sugar cookie and vanilla flavor royal icing. Pricing is based on a tiered system which starts at $50 per dozen. Prices increase based on difficulty and detail. A majority of what you will see on my social media and website falls into the Intricate level. Exact pricing is dependent on the number of colors, details, dust, airbrushing, florals, hand painting etc. Please fill out a cookie inquiry form to get an accurate quote. Your custom cookies will come individually packaged. Additional bows and custom packaging available upon request for additional costs.  


Sets are designer’s choice based on the information you provide in the inquiry form. If you have a specific request, indicate that in the form and it will be used it for inspiration. Sets by other designers will not be duplicated but can be submitted for inspiration. Due to copyright laws, character cookies are not available unless permission is granted from the original creator. For specific design mock ups, there is a $25 design fee for any order under $250 . This includes 2 edits.

Marble Surface

ONE (1) simple design, up to TWO (2) colors

Starting at $50 per dozen


Up to THREE (3) designs, up to FOUR (4) colors, simple writing 

Starting at $65 per dozen


Up to FIVE (5) designs, up to SIX (6) colors, complex writing/calligraphy

Starting at $75 per dozen


Custom Cookie Request Form

Currently taking orders through July 2023.

No shipping available; pick up in Brooklyn, NY

Local delivery available for additional fee based on distance

Would you like to receive your invoice and further communications regarding your order via text message?
Most of the cookies on our website are designer choice and are a mix between Speciality and Designer sets. I can’t guarantee your theme will work with your selected tier but it will give me an idea of your budget.
I would like to include (check all that apply)
Upload File
Design preference
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